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Wobalo Premium Embossed Baby Wipes Carton Sale!

Wobalo Premium Embossed Baby Wipes Carton Sale!

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Wobalo Baby Wipes

Originally known as Hong Kong Super Infant International Group Company Limited,

Wobalo is an award winning company globally known for its diapers and baby wipes production.

Why are Wobalo Wet Wipes better?

👶🏼Wobalo Baby Wet Wipes uses RO water purification method in ensuring water purity and prevents bacteria breeding.

Safe for baby to use even for cleaning hands and mouth.

👶🏼Specially Formulated for babies' dedicated skin:

- 99% pure water (made with RO water purification method)

- pH balance at pH5.5, the closest to baby's skin

- Vitamin E added for moisturizing skin

- Non-woven spunlace with better moisture retention (55% lock in moisture)

- Wobalo Wet Wipes are thicker and larger is in size (16cm by 20cm)

Thick & large wipes are so much more economical especially when it comes to cleaning wet baby poop!

Large wipes cover the whole baby bum in one wipe while thick wipes prevent your hands from getting in contact with baby's poop. A great solution for all parents!

*Please note that for Wobalo Wipes:

Cap type -> 8 packs per carton

Non-cap type -> 10 packs per carton

WOBALO BABY WIPES are super worth every cent!

Given how thick and large each sheet are, and how gentle it is on baby's skin!

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