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Silicone Baby Bowl & Spoon Set

Silicone Baby Bowl & Spoon Set

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Made of 100% food grade silicone, our silicone baby suction bowl & spoon set is

🥣Perfect for encouraging self feeding and baby led weaning

🥣Great for preventing accidental spillage due to its strong suction function

🥣Spoon is soft, gentle to the gums and well designed for baby's grip

🥣Curvature of the bowl helps to push baby's food into the spoon

🥣With high heat resistance, the bowl and spoon set is dishwasher safe and safe for microwave heating.

To fulfill 3FROG's mission in sustainable and affordable baby products, this baby bowl and spoon set is packaged with kraft paper packaging, reducing use of unnecessary plastic bags

We look forward to your continual support! 🥰

Together with 3FROGS newest design classic bibs, the bowl, spoon & bib 3 in 1 set makes a great baby gift too!

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