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3FROGS Silicone Baby Bibs, Space Theme Design!

3FROGS Silicone Baby Bibs, Space Theme Design!

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Made of 100% food grade silicone, 3FROGS baby bibs are


✨comfortable to wear

✨adjustable (fits 6 months to 5 years!)

✨made with ergonomic designs (holds bib in place to prevent spillage)

✨waterproof and easy to wash

✨keeps your baby clothes from stains and mess!

✨light and portable to bring out

These are our new classic designs!

Space designs specially by 3FROGSTUDIOS!

- Space Tradewinds Series (never stop exploring!)

- Space Mauve Series (never stop exploring!)


Just as the captions says... Our little ones are always curious to explore the world! Encourage them to NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

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